Horse Riding Lessons

The VEC offers riding lessons to all levels of riders, and in several different ways.

You can choose Private or Group tuition, for beginners through to advanced. Or you may want to learn in a Pony Club environment with a small group of students of similar ability, where you can learn to ride properly, learn the horse care and theory behind horses & riding, and where you can have fun & socialise at the same time.

Wednesday and Monday clubs have one riding and one horse care and theory session.

Sunday clubs have two riding and two horse care and theory sessions.

Saturday Club has three riding sessions and two theory sessions.

Eventing club has two riding and one horse care and theory session.

Fees are payable at the start of the term. All clubs run on a ten week term with the exception of Sunday Afternoon Club which has an eight week term, and Monday club which has nine weeks. Cost per term is reduced by $50 if you have your own horse. You can make your payments in person, by mail, by Cheque, Money Order, or Bank transfer / direct deposit. For more information  Click Here.

A deposit of $50 is required with an application to guarantee places in the club of your choice. Some clubs have waiting lists.

Ability. The children are graded according to their ability level and taught in groups. Each club has riding and horse care and theory sessions. The focus is on safety and learning correct riding technique, but the children have plenty of time for fun and socialization.

Horse care and theory sessions are “Hands On”, and the students learn how to take care of a horse, whether it be their own, or their mount at the VEC. The students are taught how to detect injuries & threats to the horse, as well as how to prevent such through understanding the physical needs of a horse, such as hoof care for example, as shown here.

For very advanced riders the VEC offers an Eventing Club which meets for three hours on Saturday afternoon, with sessions that cover cross-country riding, show jumping and dressage.

Gymkhana. At the end of each term, each club has a “Gymkhana” where children compete in their ability groups in best presented and best rider, jumping equitation, show jumping, games or a one day event for the eventing club.

Awards. The Children / Students are awarded ribbons and trophies together with awards for Horsemanship, the Most Improved over the term, and the instructors Encouragement award.

Family and friends are encouraged to come along to the Gymkhana, both to enjoy the event, and to support the riders, as they learn, have fun, and receive their awards.

Application forms can be downloaded below here. Simply click on the form you would like to download, to receive the form as a pdf file.

Children's Riding Club Form.pdf

Riding_Lessons_files/Children%27s%20Riding%20Club%20Form.pdf Riding_Lessons_files/Riding%20Club%20Form.doc


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